Level 3 Close Protection

This course provides a comprehensive package of skills, delivered in a diverse range of environments, and in a number of fast moving, challenging and realistic scenarios. 

You will learn a wide range of skills, including: 

threat assessments; 


team work; 

self Defence; 

vehicle techniques;

 IED awareness; 


Cyber Security 

and kidnap for ransom situation training. 

This intensive and demanding course allows you to access the skills and expertise we have acquired from decades of operational experience in British Armed Forces, Experienced Close Protection operative‚Äôs specialist police units and the intelligence services. Our course exceeds industry requirements, and will introduce additional elements to prepare you for CP deployments, which will include: talks with experienced operatives from our own CP teams. 

Upon successful completion of the module you will receive the highly respected certificate in protective security. The module is accredited and will enable candidates to apply for the SIA close protection front line licence.

The module is part of the National Qualifications Framework and is set at Level 3 Qualifications included: Level 3 Close Protection, Level 2 Conflict Management and Advance first aid techniques (Level 3) 


We hold a 36hr Selection process for the course (only one in the UK) which includes: 

1. Physical Tests 

2. Mental Tests. 

3. Formal interview 

4. Initiative tests. 


21 days to make the course as realistic as possible the hours you work will be long and varied. 

Please contact Kevin on 07904 609653 for more information or email kev@sfmtraining.co.uk